RE: Single Unicode Font

From: Ayers, Mike (
Date: Thu May 24 2001 - 12:46:46 EDT

> From: []

> We want to be able to tell our characters apart.

        I don't - I just want to be able to read them.

> Oh by the
> way how do you tell LATIN CAPITAL LETTER P from GREEK CAPITAL
> LETTER RHO? Sure if you have context or if somebody pronounces them!

        On the other hand, why would I care? As long as it's got the right
shape, I'm happy. The responsibility for determining the meaning of a
character still lies with me - same place it's always been. I just want my
computer to tell me what it looks like.

> Why is my name question marks down there?

        Some mailer along the way couldn't interpret your charset, I guess.

> Please describe what these "differentiators" look like.
> Ramamber, if you can't see them, what good does it do?

        The differentiators:

                Capital letter i has crossbars at top and bottom.
                Small letter L has none.
                Number one has a crossbar at the bottom and a slanted bar at
the top.

        However, these are often not present (such as in Helvetica/Arial
fonts), and the reader is expected to be able to sort them out by context.
For a basic font, it would be acceptable if all three (and \u007c, too!)
were simply rendered as vertical bars.


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