Re: Genesis v. UDHR?

From: Herman Ranes (
Date: Fri May 25 2001 - 06:15:43 EDT

Unfortunately, there are some errors in the UNHCRC 300 language collection.

In particular, I noted that the Kazakh language version is UNICODEd
using a (windows-1251 ??) conversion table, which yields wrong results
for non-russian cyrillic letters. These errors have been reflected into
the PDF version, too.

Just to ‘spend some time’, I tried to correct it, but there appears to
be several Kazakh 8-bit codepages. As I do not read Kazakh myself, I am
not 100% whether the result is correct or not. If you read kazakh
(UTF-8), you might download

to proofread the result. When correct, we would return it to UNHCRC.


Michael Everson skreiv:

> Not wanting to fuel any fires, but in case no one had pointed it out,
> the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is available in 300 languages.
> There is info about
> "special characters" and mention of Unicode:

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