Re: ISO vs Unicode UTF-8

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Sat May 26 2001 - 15:55:25 EDT

Some people have pointed out to me privately that my previous wording of a
message implied something that I didn't intend at all, so let me rephrase
this and retract my previous note.

I am not writing in any official capacity at all. I'm just another
ordinary reader of the Unicode list, and as I was scanning messages on the
list, I saw some people saying things like:

>There was another abomination proposed. [...]
>I was choosing not to mention the abominable.

So I wrote:

> If you think something abominable is happening, please raise a loud voice
> and flood UTC members with e-mail and tell everyone what you think and why

That was unfortunate wording on my part. Of course I didn't mean that you
should write individually to UTC members or start a letter-writing
campaign or anything. I meant something more like the following...

Unicode is a standard that keeps evolving and changing. The changes are
controlled by a committee of members: the UTC. Those members have
responsibility to the standard and its principles, as well as to their
companies, and to the general public who uses the standard. The UTC takes
input from standards bodies, member companies, experts in various fields,
and the general public.

This Unicode mail list is a public forum. Many committee members also
happen to read this forum and participate in it. If the public has
concerns about what the committee is doing or thinking, this list is an
appropriate forum in which to voice those concerns. Many appropriate
people will see those concerns. So members should feel free to voice
concerns and discuss them openly, on this list.

That's my personal opinion,


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