Re: Genesis v. UDHR? (Khmer)

From: Maurice Bauhahn (
Date: Sat May 26 2001 - 17:58:32 EDT

I'm working on the legal aspects of supplying some Khmer text...both scanned and
in UTF16 (but could accommodate UTF8 if that is preferred). Implementation of
Khmer Unicode is moving forward...there should be some good news before the end
of the year.



Frank da Cruz wrote:

> > As I am interested in finding any texts in Unicode (UTF8) in any language.
> > I must admit that in most cases the more interesting scripts (LR, such as
> > Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, or combining such as Khmer) do not have the
> > source available as UTF8 text, but only as images. In order to test
> > various typographic systems I really would have liked to have a short but
> > representative source text also in these "more complex" scripts. If
> > somebody has such a text I would very much appreciate being able to use it.
> >
> There is a "many languages in UTF-8" sampler here:
> but of course it lacks some of the scripts you mentioned. I too would like
> to have Urdu, Khmer, Arabic, Korean, and other missing versions of the short,
> silly phrase repeated there. (A new language trickles in every couple weeks,
> recent additions include Cornish, Walloon, and my own no doubt fractured
> renditions of Anglo Saxon and Middle English -- it's always nice to find a
> use for Yogh :-) I'm sure some readers of this list can send a few more --
> at least Lombard and Glaswegian? Extra points for Pictish and Papiamentu.
> - Frank

Maurice Bauhahn
United Kingdom

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