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Date: Mon May 28 2001 - 00:36:16 EDT

Thanks Carl,

Well, I have another question, which datatype do you recommend me to use in
such case?

I am also planning to upgrade my Oracle.

Thanks again for the tips,
Best Regards,
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  Oracle 8.06 needs the ODBC driver if you want to use ODBC. This
must be downloaded. The data base must be built as a UTF-8 data base. You
can retrieve data in code page but the DB must be built to store data in
UTF-8. Field sizes must be reviewed. If you use UTF-8 CLOB data is stored
in UCS-2.

  You might seriously consider upgrading Oracle to a newer release with
better Unicode support.

  I have not tested ColdFusion.

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    Hi Everybody,

    Has anyone tried to set up a multilingual web site with Oracle and

    Your help will be most welcomed. Thank you very much for responding.

    Well, here are some questions to start with:
      a.. Which datatypes have you chosen to store your the Japanese
Characters and the other characters?
      b.. What about the national character set? Did you choose American?
      c.. What the possible problems that may arise when outputing the
characters on the web pages?
      d.. Has anyone post a demo application where i can have a look?
    Best Regards,

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