Unicode compliance (was RE: Unicode-based Cyrillic-Latin translit eration table)

From: Marco Cimarosti (marco.cimarosti@essetre.it)
Date: Tue May 29 2001 - 06:02:22 EDT

James Williams wrote:
> Can someone please help me understand whether support for
> double byte is the same as being Unicode compliant.


"Double byte" normally refers to the national character sets used in China,
Japan and Korea (much older than Unicode). As these languages require
thousands of characters, some of which are encoded with a pair of bytes.

> Any elaboration would be greatly
> appreciated.

I think you need some basic reading. This mailing list can become useful
later, when you understand the basics and start having questions on specific

Here are some official places introducing Unicode are, in order of
increasing difficulty:


There are many unofficial introductions to Unicode. I personally like these
two private sites:

http://www.macchiato.com/ -- by the president of Unicode; see "Unicode" and
"IBM" sections on the right panel; "Forms of Unicode" is especially helpful;

http://www.czyborra.com/ -- the section "Illustrated Prehistory: What was
there before Unicode?" is great for understanding non-Unicode encodings
(single-byte and double-byte).

> If for instance, being Unicode compliant has any additional
> value/benefits, etc... I'd like to understand how, why!

Official: http://www.unicode.org/press/press_release-3.0.html

Unofficial: http://www.geocities.com/i18nguy/UnicodeBenefits.html

_ Marco Cimarosti

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