Re: Unicode-based Cyrillic-Latin transliteration table

Date: Tue May 29 2001 - 06:17:55 EDT

On 05/28/2001 05:30:15 AM Doug Ewell wrote:

>I know that neither UTC nor WG2 engages in the very controversial business
>assigning canonical transliterations between scripts

No, but ISO TC46/SC2 does.

>The goal is to improve an existing program I wrote which automatically
>detects the encoding form of Cyrillic text (8-bit character sets such as
>CP 866, Windows CP 1251, or KOI-8, as well as UTF-8) and optionally
>transliterates the text to a 7-bit ASCII representation that an English
>speaker can reasonably sound out.

Do you want transliteration or transcription? TC46/SC2's definitions for
these can be seen at

>Lots of Cyrillic-Latin transliterations are available for the Russian
>alphabet. I am looking for one that targets only the 7-bit ASCII set,
>rules out ISO 9

Which is TC46/SC2's standard.

- Peter

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