Term Asian is not used properly on Computers and NET

From: N.R.Liwal (liwal@liwal.net)
Date: Tue May 29 2001 - 18:12:39 EDT

Dear Unicoders:


While surfing the net a link with word ASIAN most of the time lead to

a Chinese, Japanese or Korean site, is not confusing? Because there

are many nations and countries in Asia!


But today I was more confused, when I opened the Microsoft Word XP

FONT dialog, it has three Font options:


-Latin Text Fonts

-Asian Text Fonts

-Complex Text Fonts


Being on this forum, I knew what a Complex Font is but unintentionally I

was searching Arabic Fonts under the Asian Text Font. I think Calling

CJK specifically Asian is not appropriate nor helpful, because Asia is big

and have hundreds of languages and scripts, either all Asian Script i.e.

Arabic, Hebrew, Devanagri, Bengali, Thai and etc.......... should be called Asian
or a more appropriate name should be give to Chiness / Japanese and Korean

or other scripts of that region.





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