RE: Unicode-based Cyrillic-Latin transliteration table

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Tue May 29 2001 - 13:18:22 EDT

At 12:02 AM 5/29/01 -0700, James Williams wrote:
>Can someone please help me understand whether support for double byte is the
>same as being Unicode compliant. Any elaboration would be greatly
>appreciated. If for instance, being Unicode compliant has any additional
>value/benefits, etc... I'd like to understand how, why!

If you haven't done so already I would suggest you look for the link to the
'Technical Introduction' on the Unicode home page. You can find the
link on the page
or on any of the "what is unicode?" pages.

After that, you might want to read the online versions of chapters one and
two of the Unicode Standard 3.0 (acessible via the page mentioned above).

These should have ample material about the additional benefits.

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