RE: Some Char. to Glyph Statistics, Pan/Single Font

From: Edward Cherlin (
Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 16:54:30 EDT

At 5:35 PM +0200 5/31/01, Marco Cimarosti wrote:
>Jungshik Shin wrote:
>> I think I know how you counted (initial consonants:
>> two for syllables with and without final consonants, three for three
>> kinds of vowel position/shape, vowels: two for syll.
>> with/without final consonants) and think you got it "right".
>You caught me with hands in jam: that was exactly my way of thinking. While
>I see that this is clearly too naive to be "right", I would not be able to
>improve it any further myself.
>I welcome any refinement. Especially, I was curious about the other ratios
>(DOS 1:8,1:4,1:4; X11win 1:10,1:3,1:4; TrueType 1:~30) that you mentioned on
>your previous message.
>_ Marco

A quick look at the Hangul syllable table starting on page 744 of
TOS3 shows a much greater variation. If you look at the pages
slightly cross-eyed so that each glyph aligns with a neighbor, and
wink each eye alternately, you can get the effect of a blink
comparator of the type used in astronomy before computer image
processing became practical. If you can't keep the alignment while
winking, just look for the fuzzy letters where the glyphs don't match

Or we could ask a typographer. :-)


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