RE: Need program to convert UTF-8 -> Hex sequences

From: Marco Cimarosti (
Date: Tue Mar 04 2003 - 04:44:46 EST

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    David Oftedal wrote:
    > [...] I need a program to convert UTF-8 to hex sequences.
    > [...]
    > For example, a file with the content æøå would yield the
    > output "0x00E6 0X00F8 0X00E5", and the Japanese
    > expression あの人 would yield "0x3042 0x306E 0x4EBA".

    SC Unipad, an Unicode editor, can do this for you:


    Unipad use the Java-like format "\u3042", but you can then substitute every
    instance of "\u" with "0x".

    _ Marco

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