The display of *kholam* on PCs

From: Robert (
Date: Tue Mar 04 2003 - 15:34:48 EST

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    Have you notice that—when using Microsoft's standard core fonts, for an example, to type/display/print Hebrew—extra space gets added onto the *kholam* (high left dot) vowel point that really shouldn't be there?!?! Whenever a *kholam* is put to a letter's left (instead of atop a *waw* for a vowel), unwanted extra space gets inbetween the *kholam* and the preceeding/following letter(s). Has anyone contacted Microsoft about that?!
    There shouldn't be any extra space on *kholam*—it should hug the left side of the letter it goes with—any following letters should be up close on the opposite side of that.
    The *shuruq* point (a dot inside the bosom of *waw* should rise up towards the head, but still be inside *waw*—immediately just under its head. *Shuruq* is another Hebrew presentation form that represents a vowel that's an independent whole character (which hasn't yet been proposed), like *kholam maleh* (that's allready in Unicode). I hope I've informed you on this situation.
    Thank You!

    Robert Lloyd Wheelock
    Augusta, ME USA

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