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Date: Fri Mar 07 2003 - 07:11:44 EST

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    Pim Blokland scripsit:

    > For instance, the Danish ae (U+00E6) is not designated a ligature,

    It was in Unicode 1.0; I think politics were involved in that one.
    In Latin use, ae is most certainly a ligature, and likewise in the
    languages (including English) that have borrowed words involving it.
    In Danish use, though, it is a separate letter.

    > but the
    > Dutch ij (U+0133) is, even though the "a" and "e" are clearly fused
    > together, while the "i" and "j" aren't.

    I have certainly seen "ij" glyphs that looked quite fused, more like "\xff",
    which is why that letter appears in 8859-1 but its capital equivalent
    does not.

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