RE: Caron / Hacek?

From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Fri Mar 07 2003 - 06:52:43 EST

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    > > By the way, although Unicode calls it a cedilla, the
    > correct form to use
    > > with G is the disconnected, 'under comma' form.
    > Ah yes, the cedillas; now these are ambiguous!
    > What is the "correct form" for cedillas under N, K, L, R, S
    > and T? What should these look like?

    Well, the easy (and obvious) way out is to let cedilla
    look like cedilla, and comma below look like comma below
    (with the mentioned "fix" for 'g').

    Then it is up to (human) editors (aided by properly configured
    keyboard layouts and properly configured automatic spell checkers)
    to spell right, or to use some CEDILLA to COMMA BELOW conversion
    program. Other approaches will only lead to confusion and
    frustration, I think. It's the author (or human editor) that
    should decide, not the font maker, especially since which fonts
    are used may easily be changed manually (by someone else than
    the author/editor) or automatically.

    I know, D, G, N, K, L, R do not have any precomposed versions
    "WITH COMMA BELOW", but that should become irrelevant...

                    /kent k

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