RE: Ligatures (was: FAQ entry)

From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Mon Mar 10 2003 - 07:43:52 EST

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    > > Yes, and qj. And similarly, f has overlappings with several more
    > > letters, so you would need ligatures for fb, fh, fk, fþ etc. But then
    > > where would it end?
    > I suspect it would end when you start talking about
    > combinations like qj
    > and fþ that are unlikely to appear in natural language text. At least
    > gj exists in Hungarian.

    gj is also in Swedish (e.g. 'gjorde', en: did), which also has occurrences
    of fé, fä, få, and fö, where the f may in some(!) fonts overlap with the
    (apparent!) diacritic. ff, fl, fb, fh, fk, fþ are much less critical since
    they usually(!) overlap in a way that looks ok even without true ligation.
    ft, however, sometimes looks bad without ligation, esp. if the horizontal
    strokes are at a bit different height. If "old" (Swedish or German, or
    even English) orthography is targeted, combinations with the long s has
    similar typographic problems as combinations with f.

                    /kent k

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