Normalized text in OS X?

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Mon Mar 10 2003 - 08:07:33 EST

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    I just took TextEdit and typed option-n-o shift-option-m which should
    get me o-tilde + ogonek. Then I typed option-m-o shift-option-n which
    should get me o-ogonek + tilde. (Don't worry about the keystrokes,
    that's dependeng on the input driver.) Now I saw the glyphs on the
    screen, and they weren't identical; in the first, the ogonek wasn't
    quite touching the base character and in the second the tilde was
    marginally higher than in the first. This doesn't alarm me because
    it's dependent on glyph tables, and Lucida Grande didn't have the
    precomposed triple.

    What does confuse me is that I then tried to search for the strings,
    and I found that the Find engine considered the two strings to be
    different. Should it?

    (I also found that when I saved and closed the file and reopened it,
    the combining ogonek was stripped out, which I suppose must be a bug.)

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