Re: Ligatures fj etc (from Re: Ligatures (qj) )

Date: Wed Mar 12 2003 - 19:14:47 EST

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    William Overington wrote,

    > I have added a new code recently, which is U+E700 STAFF which is a vertical
    > line from the very top of the glyph and going as far below the 0 line as one
    > chooses for a particular font. With Quest text I encoded this character
    > early with a line going vertically from -768 font units to 2048 font units.

    Since the full height box drawing glyphs are supposed to join vertically,
    wouldn't adding something like U+2502 or U+2503 to a font achieve the
    desired effect without resorting to the PUA?

    Best regards,

    James Kass

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