Re: per-character "stories" in a database

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Mon Mar 17 2003 - 12:54:13 EST

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    Andrew C. West wrote...

    > ... it would be extremely helpful to font
    > designers and others to have free access to information about the glyph
    > repertoires of certain scripts from the Unicode Web site.

    "Someone" would have to provide the information, and serve it up in an
    appropriate way to be useful. As Michael Everson has already observed, it
    is out of scope. And nobody out there is volunteering to do it.

    > Likewise, the list of precomposed Tibetan characters given in the PRC's
    > recent BrdaRten proposal is actually a very useful list of the complex
    > glyphs that anyone designing a Tibetan font should aim to cover in
    > addition to the simple glyphs shown in the Unicode code charts.

    Not really. Perfectly nice font designs for Tibetan don't need 800 odd
    glyphs, they can work very well with a small number of pieces and combine
    them at run-time. What you need is pretty much a set of full-height things
    and a set of half-height things... Take a look at just about any non-PRC
    Tibetan font.

    > A central repository of such information would be most welcome.

    Perhaps to some. But I do question the overall usefulness when you have to
    trade off the effort for that with efforts directed at other areas, such
    as character encoding.


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