RE: ANSI requires licence fees to use ISO language and country code?

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Fri Mar 21 2003 - 13:26:19 EST

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    A representative of ISO sent this to me today.

    >I do not know about ANSI but for ISO/CS the quote given below from
    >ex.html is certainly correct.
    >We make a distinction between implementation and commercial use.

    I have no idea how they manage to get their heads around this one.

    >Anyone can buy the standard - or download the codes from our website free of
    >charge - and use them within their company for any application they want
    >without having to pay any licence fee due to ISO.
    >However, if you load the list of country codes and names in a commercial
    >product, thus giving an added value to your product, we consider it normal
    >that ISO asks for the payment of a royalty fee. Purchasing an electronic
    >copy (e.g. one of the MSAccess databases) from our Web store gives you only
    >the same right i.e. if you want to create a for sale product licence fees
    >can apply. (But one can choose another possibility which is to let customers
    >download the country codes.)
    >Implementations like drop-down lists on webpages or the use of ISO 3166-1
    >codes in software implementing other standards which quote ISO 3166-1 as
    >normative reference is of course not subject to a licence fee.
    >I am not an expert on these matters and I would suggest that you contact Mr
    >Chabot to discuss details with him should you have
    >further need for clarification.

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