RE: ANSI requires licence fees to use ISO language and country code?

From: Roozbeh Pournader (
Date: Fri Mar 21 2003 - 15:10:59 EST

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    On Fri, 21 Mar 2003, Michael Everson wrote:

    > >However, if you load the list of country codes and names in a
    > >commercial product, thus giving an added value to your product, we
    > >consider it normal that ISO asks for the payment of a royalty fee.

    What about Open Source software like ICU (that is already including the
    stuff as a whole to some degree)? A royalty-driven system won't work
    because everyone will be granted rights to distribute the product with or
    without changes. Should I pay a fee to ISO if I copy ICU for my friend and
    ask two dollars for it?

    > >I am not an expert on these matters and I would suggest that you contact Mr
    > >Chabot to discuss details with him should you have
    > >further need for clarification.

    Please do so if you have the time. This looks very insane to me, specially
    when Open Source software is considered.


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