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Date: Thu Mar 27 2003 - 11:37:42 EST

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    > 1. They are not in use in current (and official and
    > endorsed) Maya orthographies, and there is no pressing need for them.
    > Their importance lies mostly in dealing with the history of Maya
    > studies, and in reprinting or transcribing old texts.

    Characters that were used in historically important orthographies are
    legitimate candidates for encoding. If the need for them is not urgent,
    then there is plenty of time to analyze and discuss them instead of
    rushing them through.

    > Since the days of de la Parra and Brinton there have been some
    > singularly ugly accomodations to the typewriter, like "7" for a
    > glottal stop, which I'd also like us to let moulder for a while too.

    This seems like a good argument *for* encoding the de la Parra letters,
    so modern-day transcribers won't have to resort to "4" and "4 with
    combining comma" and "ezh reversed" to represent them.

    -Doug Ewell
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