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Date: Thu Mar 27 2003 - 11:43:18 EST

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    > Having said that, one would expect a good deal of research to be done
    > before approaching these. How many languages were they used for? What
    > sounds do they represent? How do modern scholars producing critical
    > editions present them? (If they use digit 4, I would consider that to
    > be a fault in the character set or font, and, in my opinion, a Latin
    > letter should be added, because the quatrillo is not a quatro.) Do
    > they appear in casing pairs? On the face of it tz looks like a
    > ligature of t and z.

    I can understand the necessity of these questions except for the first two.
    Why would it be needed for encoding to know just what languages / phonemes
    these pertained to? Of course, if this info is available, it's nice to have

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