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Date: Fri Jun 06 2003 - 00:12:19 EDT

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    Don Osborn wrote on 06/05/2003 07:34:29 PM:

    > > There are probably some existing standard for keyboard mappings,
    promoted by
    > > UNESCO and published in a ISO standard.
    > If there were such a thing (for Tamazight or any other African
    > language) I'd be
    > very interested to know about it. My impression is that there are no
    > standards for African languages that use extended Latin characters. In
    > SIL is apparently working with UNESCO on a proposed keyboard layout
    > for African
    > languages precisely because there is not yet any such standardization.

    Just for clarification, what we are doing is *not* part of a
    standardization process; note that UNESCO is not a standards body. Rather,
    UNESCO is involved in policy recommendations, and what we are assisting
    them with some documents providing recommendations related to support of
    the world's languages (emphasis on those languages on the other side of the
    digital divide) in ICTs. The keyboard layout in question is merely for a
    prototype implementation intended to demonstrate the ability to create
    keyboard layouts to meet the needs of lesser-well-supported-in-ICTs

    - Peter

    Peter Constable

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