commandline converter for gb18030 -> utf8 in *nix

From: Zhang Weiwu (
Date: Fri Mar 05 2004 - 06:43:09 EST

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    Hello. I believe this must be a frequent question, but I googled around
    and I didn't find a satisfying tool. It seems most converters do GB2312
    but not GB18030.

    I have 100+ files to convert, normal graphical /web based converters
    won't do the work well.

    On my FreeBSD there is a ported tool i18ntools
    (, it seems lack the GB18030
    codepage (and the GB_1988-80 page produced messed file). Last month I
    reported w3c's amaya's lack of GB18030 support, they say on the mailling
    list they cannot implement the charset unless they can get a code
    conversion page file. Is it so hard to get one?

    And what command-line charset converter do you often use?

    Many thanks.

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