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Date: Wed Mar 10 2004 - 20:11:27 EST

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    > A colleague and I are working on a keyboard standard for our country, Ghana. We think that the people of Ghana would like to use this keyboard but would also like to use the Standard fonts as well.
    > Standard fonts like Arial, Times New Roman don't have the Ghanaian letters. The Ghanaian letters, as I have learnt from this forum are all in Unicode.
    > My questions is, would it be legal for us to modify these Standard fonts and package them with our keyboard software so that anyone who uses our keyboard could also use these standard fonts? We would

    This question should be addressed to Microsoft Typography, members of which read this list
    any may respond offline. The short answer is that the Windows core fonts are considered
    operating system components and covered by the Windows end user license which prohibits
    all decompiling and modification. So no, it is not legal for you to modify these fonts. I
    believe, however, that all these fonts are being updated for the next version of Windows,
    and will support a wide range of African languages. Again, I recommend that you contact MS

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