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Date: Thu Mar 11 2004 - 01:02:01 EST

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    Kyekyeku, It sounds like you are dealing with two separate though obviously
    connected issues. One is the fonts one, to which John replied. It is worth
    pointing out of course that there are other fonts available in the meantime.
    There's some discussion & links on the Ghanaian languages & ICT board *

    The second issue is the keyboard standard for use of the small but growing
    number of fonts with the extended characters used for Ghanaian and other
    African languages. You may be interested to look at the array of keyboard
    layouts collected at . These may
    offer some ideas on different strategies for layout and keys (sequences) for
    the characters not represented on the QWERTY keyboard.

    It would be ideal in the longer term to have a broader standard available
    for languages used in groups of African countries (perhaps not all languages
    in all countries because that might get too complicated for average users).
    The workshop on African languages & the internet at Bamako 2002 recommended
    coordination on this but I haven't heard of anything being done. So don't
    let that stop you...

    Don Osborn

    * This and 4 similar boards were set up in response to specific questions on
    African languages and ICT, for discussion but also as a place to collect
    relevant language or country specific info of use to people working in this
    area. The other boards are for Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, and Togolese languages,
    and can be accessed via

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    > A colleague and I are working on a keyboard standard for our country,
    Ghana. We think that the people of Ghana would like to use this keyboard but
    would also like to use the Standard fonts as well.
    > Standard fonts like Arial, Times New Roman don't have the Ghanaian
    letters. The Ghanaian letters, as I have learnt from this forum are all in
    > My questions is, would it be legal for us to modify these Standard fonts
    and package them with our keyboard software so that anyone who uses our
    keyboard could also use these standard fonts? We would

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