Re: OT? Languages with letters that always take diacriticals

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Date: Tue Mar 16 2004 - 09:49:18 EST

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    From: "Marion Gunn" <>

    > Irish in Roman script is written i with dot above, Irish in traditional
    > script is written i without dot above. The current flooding of our local
    > advertising and publishing markets by various non-native uncial fonts to
    > write our language goes against tradition in imposing on us that unwanted
    > dot. Is there any way at all that using Unicode can help support our
    > tradition?

    It seems that Unicode has supported the dotless i for over a decade -- and
    in software products that use Unicode for the bulk of that time. Your
    tradition is supported by anyone who believes it important enough to take
    the trouble to support it (where trouble in this context is defined as
    installing just about any remotely recent OS that supports Unicode!).

    You can tell them that the ball is now in their court. We can lead the horse
    to water, but...

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