Irish dotless I (was: Languages with letters that always take diacriticals

From: Carl W. Brown (
Date: Tue Mar 16 2004 - 09:55:13 EST

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    > Irish in Roman script is written i with dot above,
    > Irish in traditional script is written i without
    > dot above. The current flooding of our local
    > advertising and publishing markets by various
    > non-native uncial fonts to write our language goes
    > against tradition in imposing on us that unwanted
    > dot. Is there any way at all that using Unicode
    > can help support our tradition?

    What exactly are you proposing? A glyph change so that the glyphs for
    normal dotted I be rendered without the dot, or that Irish be added to the
    list of languages that uses the dotless I such as Turkish, Azeri, and most
    likely the Latin alphabets for Tatar and Bashkir.

    If it is a glyph issue that it is not part of the scope Unicode. If it
    should really use the dotless Is then Unicode needs to be changed.


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