Re: Irish dotless I (was: Languages with letters that always takediacriticals

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Wed Mar 17 2004 - 19:20:50 EST

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    Marion Gunn wrote...

    > I do know my language is being badly served, however.

    And I would conclude, given the discussion we've seen on this list, that
    your language isn't being badly served by the Unicode Standard (or any
    other character encoding), but by some fonts and their vendors.

    You pose this question:

    > So, my question still is... how to guarantee continuance,
    > in the specific context of Irish text computing, of the traditional
    > restriction of the Irish diacritic dot (having only one single function in
    > Irish) to the consonants to which it belongs?

    The answer is to educate the errant font vendors and the public. Or
    boycott bad fonts and their vendors. Write letters to advertisers. Or
    something of that ilk.

    This isn't a problem with the definition of the Unicode standard.


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