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Date: Thu Mar 18 2004 - 12:49:24 EST

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    > The character in question is a variant of "CIRCLED LATIN
    > A", commonly referred to as the "Anarchy" symbol. The bars
    > of the A are
    > longer than normal, extending to touch or even overlap the circle.

            The versions I have seen tend to have all points extending past the
    circle, except on top.

    > See for example,

            So polished and stylized! It screams, "Anarchy! Anarchy! Mmm,
    what's for lunch?"

    > This character has a distinct history and meaning, and I
    > believe it to
    > be suitable for inclusion in Unicode as a separate character from
    > As I understand it, I need to do the following:
    > 1) Check that the character does not already exist within the Unicode
    > standard. I don't think it does, but someone more familiar
    > with it may
    > wish to double check

            Whoops! We forgot step 0, "Verify that it is in fact a
    character"[1]. This is where you should have stopped, as the glyph in
    question is used in the unique composition of exactly no words. It's a
    symbol, not a character.

    > In the spirit of anarchy, I am likely to pursue this application,
    > whatever response I get! Equally in the spirit of anarchy,
    > you are free
    > to make provide whatever comments and assistance you wish, on
    > any of the
    > above points.

            In the spirit of anarchy, I challenge you to a croquet match.


    [1] - Not quoted from anywhere, but it is a requirment nonetheless.
    Otherwise, we'd have the McDonald's arches and Nike swoosh encoded.

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