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Date: Thu Mar 18 2004 - 12:31:05 EST

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    Jon Wilson scripsit:

    > The character in question is a variant of "CIRCLED LATIN CAPITAL LETTER
    > A", commonly referred to as the "Anarchy" symbol. The bars of the A are
    > longer than normal, extending to touch or even overlap the circle.

    It's basically a logo, and as such doesn't belong in Unicode, which doesn't
    encode logos. Insofar as it's used in or near running text (to write the
    word "anarchy" itself, or as a bullet point, e.g.), it's a mere glyph variant
    of circled capital A. There is unlikely to be any text where the two are
    used contrastively.

    > See for example,
    > This character has a distinct history and meaning, and I believe it to
    > be suitable for inclusion in Unicode as a separate character from

    That argument would be good if the character were Han, but it is not.

    > In the spirit of anarchy, I am likely to pursue this application,
    > whatever response I get! Equally in the spirit of anarchy, you are free
    > to make provide whatever comments and assistance you wish, on any of the
    > above points.

    In the spirit of anarchy, please find some other contribution to the social

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