RE: help needed with adding new character

From: Ernest Cline (
Date: Thu Mar 18 2004 - 13:49:37 EST

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    I am assuming that you have read, or intend to read the material
    on the Unicode site page about proposals [1]. I think the obvious
    name to propose for the symbol is ANARCHY. ANARCHY certainly
    is a distinct symbol but whether it merits encoding as a text character
    will be in question unless its use in text can be shown. Symbols in
    general have a difficult time getting encoded, and with good reason.

    If you can find evidence for use of this symbol as text, the most
    appropriate block in my opinion would be Letterlike Symbols
    U+2100 to U+214F if that block hasn't been filled by the time
    ANARCHY gets approved. (There are only five unused
    codepoints in that block as of Unicode 4.0 and two of those
    have approved proposed characters tentatively assigned
    to them.) On the other hand, placing ANARCHY in the Dingbats
    block would certainly be appropriate according to the principles
    of Anarchy, altho not according to those of Unicode.


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