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Date: Thu Mar 18 2004 - 15:19:40 EST

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    > I disagree that the anarchy symbol is not a character used in the
    > representation of words. I can write a word beginning with "A" with
    > either a simple LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A, or with an Anarchy symbol, or
    > with an existing CIRCLED LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A. The first two have
    > different meanings to anyone who understands what the Anarchy
    > symbol is.

            You are confusing connotation with meaning. "Euthanasia", spelled
    with anarchy signs, still means "mercy killing", although it would have a
    different connotation due to the anarchy signs. The anarchy signs
    nonetheless, are being used as "a"s.

    > I also dispute that the anarchy symbol has the same
    > ideographic value as
    > a McDonalds logo. The McDonalds arch is only meaningful when
    > represented
    > in a particular font (and perhaps colour). The specific latin
    > font used
    > to represent the CAPITAL A in the anarchy symbol is unimportant.

            Anarchists are sloppy with their logo, or, perhaps more accurately,
    the variation is part of the logo. McDonalds has used many representations
    of the arches over the years. I could scrawl one on a wall in spraypaint,
    and, so long as the tops were rounded and the bottom overlapped and
    extended, it would be recognizable to most people. So I think you're just
    talking about a logo here. A similar case is the "peace sign" (which I
    always suspected as the inspiration for the anarchy logo), which is encoded,
    but I suspect only for dingbat compatibility (I'm not sure, but it doesn't
    really belong either).

    > PS. Croquet challenge accepted - I have a set at home. I
    > believe I get
    > to choose time and location?



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