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From: Michael Everson (
Date: Thu Mar 18 2004 - 19:05:25 EST

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    At 15:58 -0800 2004-03-18, Peter Kirk wrote:
    >On 18/03/2004 10:30, Michael Everson wrote:
    >>You mistake orthography and glyph choice with character identity.
    >>"Dotless i" as a *character* is used only in Turkic languages, has
    >>nothing to do with Irish, and never has.
    >May I pick a nit here? Dotless i is used in the official orthography
    >of at least one non-Turkic language, that of Udi, a north-east
    >Caucasian minority language of Azerbaijan; I think it is also in the
    >Latin script orthography of Lezgi, the language of a much larger
    >minority group.

    And as such its use areally is appropriate.

    The suggestion that we have a problem in Irish at all was incorrect
    in the first instance, so all of this discussion is moot.

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