RE: help needed with adding new character

From: Mike Ayers (
Date: Thu Mar 18 2004 - 19:18:23 EST

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    > From: Kenneth Whistler []
    > Sent: Thursday, March 18, 2004 3:09 PM

    > Why is an Anarchist asking to standardize something?

            To cause chaos in the machinery. Perhaps surprisingly, anarchy
    requires constant propogation.

    > And, as |\|\ike intimated:

            Dyslexia sukcs.

    > Note that in *that* rendition of the anarchy symbol, the
    > crossbar on the A does *not* touch the circle on either
    > edge, but it may just be that the renderer was a little
    > short of black paint.

            I find more
    closely resembles the ones that I am used to.

    > "Does the anarchy symbol (an 'A' surrounded by a circle) convey
    > any messages of hate?"

            Of course! It conveys the message, "I hate my parents"!

    > If the anarchy symbol is recognized as "an 'A' surrounded by
    > a circle", then why is its representation by a character
    > U+24B6 CIRCLED LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A insufficient for any
    > putative occasional representation of the symbol in text?

            I still want to see it used *as* text, of which we have so far had
    no example.

    > If this discussion drifts off taco, will it ever circle around
    > to A meat conclusion?

            Unless I am miss steak in, it has already ground to a halt.

      +-- Get it right or I fill out the encoding proposal! :-p

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