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From: Benjamin Peterson (
Date: Tue Mar 23 2004 - 09:31:22 EST

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    > So the name (or trademark?) is meant to be pronounced "sharp" (in
    > English),
    > visualized logographically with a sharp symbol, and entered as a hash (#)
    > symbol
    > which don't work within file extensions in so many tools.

    I don't think you understand... the '.c#' file extension to which you
    refer throughout your mail _does not exist_. The .net standards do not
    specify a file extension for c# source files, although ECMA-334 says

    'The source code for a C# program is typically stored in one or more text
    files with a file extension of .cs'

    While some implementors should not require '.cs', nobody uses '.c#', as
    that would be very inconvenient.

    There is therefore no issue.

    You may wish to refer to ECMA-334/335 or some other source of information
    on .NET and C#. I do not recommend that you start using a '.c#' file
    extension as it might cause problems similar to those you describe.


      Benjamin Peterson

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