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Date: Tue Mar 23 2004 - 10:05:46 EST

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    Quoting Philippe Verdy <>:

    > > The file extension is '.cs', since including punctuation marks would
    > > cause problems on many systems.
    > > The correct spelling is with a sharp sign, not a number sign, as
    > > documented by Microsoft themselves in various places:
    > >
    > >
    > quote:
    > Q. What is the symbol in the name "C#"?
    > A. It's not the "hash" (or pound) symbol as most people believe. It's
    > actually
    > supposed to be the musical sharp symbol. However, because the sharp symbol
    > is
    > not present on the standard keyboard, it's easier to type the hash ("#")
    > symbol.
    > The name of the language is, of course, pronounced "see sharp".
    > Yes the FAQ you reference is still ambiguous,

    It states
    1. The symbol is not the hash symbol.
    2. The symbol is the sharp symbol.
    3. People use the the hash symbol because it's easier to type.

    Where's the ambiguity?

     and it does not specify ".cs"
    > as
    > the extension to use,

    No, the registry of a machine that has Visual Studio installed on it says that
    this is the extension to use. You can change this - extensions are just a
    convention used by one machine and shared as much as possible beyond that but
    since there is no global registry of extensions they are not guaranteed to work
    correctly when exchanged. If you really wanted to you chould use either the
    hash of sharp symbol in the extension with Win2K at least (just successfully
    tested this).

    File extensions are molehills that are frequently made into mountains.

    Jon Hanna
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