Urdu Unicode website [Was: Novice question]

From: Antoine Leca (Antoine10646@leca-marti.org)
Date: Wed Mar 24 2004 - 07:00:38 EST

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    Peter Constable va escriure:
    > Urdu can be written using naskh-style Arabic (supported on WinXP,
    > Win2K...),


    I do not see the connection between the OS support in Windows for a given
    language and the traduction of a website, but while we are at this one: how
    do you enter Urdu with Microsoft Windows 2000? I have a Spanish one with
    SP4, IE6 SP1, Arabic script enabled. Surely something is missing, but where
    can I find it? Should I use KLC?

    Of course this is nitpicking because it is crystal clear to anybody here
    that I have a wide range of ways to enter Urdu into my box without having to
    resort to some MS-provided DLL (beginning with borrowing the XP DLL). Also
    it is evident that a Spanish Win2000 box is not the correct representative
    box for a typical Urdu reader. Sorry about this.


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