RE: Printing and Displaying Dependent Vowels

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Date: Fri Mar 26 2004 - 15:02:50 EST

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    > At end of my response to Antoine Leca, I suggested something which may
    > some comments:

    Does that imply that it might also *not* merit comments?

    > > What is clear is that there's no way to enable these features
    explicitly in
    > plain-text files, if there's no standard format control in Unicode to
    > these OpenType font features. May be these could become new
    "characters" to
    > allocate in plane 14?

    This sounds suspiciously like "courtyard codes". (Wonders to self: Are
    "Philippe Verdy" and "William Overington" aliases for the same person?

    > What I mean here is that there's currently no defined way to convey in
    > text files the intended rendering "features" that are now common in
    > fonts and engines.

    Nor should there be, any more than there should be ways in plain text to
    indicate typeface, point size, style, etc. There is a class of
    representations for such information called "rich text", and such
    representation has been and will very likely continue to be beyond the
    scope of plain text.

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