Re: What is the principle?

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Fri Mar 26 2004 - 20:38:03 EST

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    From: "Kenneth Whistler" <>
    > So the *real* problem for Unicode is who is inventing the
    > astrological signs for Quaoar and Sedna and when will the
    > character encoding proposal for them be showing up on our
    > doorstep. ;-)

    You're very right here. And given the very huge amount of money built with the
    astrological business today in various countries, it won't be long before some
    books start being published by some "famous" astrologues, inventing their
    notations and defending them in various astrological meetings.

    Just look at the too vast number of books and papers published each year with
    these astrological symbols, and you'll immediately see the impact of such
    discovery on publishers that will want some standard fonts and then standard
    plain-text characters to represent these new "valuable" symbols

    As long as there will be business for astrology, new symbols for them will be
    created, and used by more and more people. Mythology has never been so strong as
    today among western populations, even when they are highly educated or
    respecting their religion that normally forbids the adoration of "icons".

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