Re: Fixed Width Spaces (was: Printing and Displaying DependentVowels)

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Wed Mar 31 2004 - 16:16:45 EST

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    On 31/03/2004 12:27, fantasai wrote:

    > Peter Kirk wrote:
    >> Louis<THREE-PER-EM SPACE>XVI may have lost his head, but we don't
    >> want his number also to fall off on to the next line, or even to
    >> become too far separated from his name. We need to know what kind of
    >> space to use to resist the guillotine!
    > NBSP
    > You should not rely on fixed-width spaces to approximate regular spaces.
    > A simple switch from Arial Narrow to Verdana will demonstrate why: the
    > widths of normal spaces and non-breaking spaces are related to the width
    > of the fonts' glyphs, whereas the width of a fixed-width space is related
    > to the /height/ of the glyphs.
    But, as Ken has just clarified, with NBSP Louis' neck may be stretched
    rather uncomfortably, if not cut completely. Here is what I don't want
    to see (fixed width font required):

    Louis XVI was
    guillotined in

    Here is what I do want:

    Louis XVI was
    guillotined in

    These columns are unrealistically narrow to make the point clear,
    although such narrow columns are sometimes found in newspapers.

    Peter Kirk (personal) (work)

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