Re: Unicode V4 and ISO

Date: Thu Sep 02 2004 - 19:26:30 CDT

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    > Hello,
    > I am new on this list and I have a question about very special characters
    > and the standard Unicode v4. I sought much the answer to this question
    > at but without success.
    > Can somebody say to me if the characters of the 4 following standards ISO
    > 5426 -2:1996, ISO 6861:1996, ISO 8957:1996 and ISO 10754:1996 are
    > integrated in Unicode V4?
    > In detail, they are the following standards :
    > - ISO 5426-2: 1996 Information and documentation - Extension of the Latin
    > alphabet coded character set for bibliographic information Interchange -
    > Part 2: Latin characters used in minor European languages and obsolete
    > typography

    The minor European language characters and the binding marks are in Unicode I think. The obsolete typography (Latin abbreviation characters, also known as record type) are not. Michael Everson made a proposal some time ago but it did not progress. MUFI have private use area suggestions for these characters if you are interested in them.


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