Re: basic-hebrew RtL-space ?

From: Michael \(michka\) Kaplan (
Date: Thu Nov 04 2004 - 09:23:20 CST

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    From: "kefas" <>

    > That is easily done by assigning the U-codes to some
    > keys on the keyboard, but I dont know how to combine
    > this with the pressing and releasing of CAPS.
    > MSKBLC.exe , keyboard-layout-creator, does not allow
    > for that.

    Hmmm.... actually, if one puts the alternate form (i.e. with the format
    character) in the SHIFT state and then marks the "CAPS == SHIFT" checkbox
    for each of those keys, then it will work just fine.

    Now mind you I am not recommending that anyone do this because I think the
    wholesale addition of formatting characters is not a great idea. But I
    wanted to correct the claim that MSKLC does not allow it....

    One could even use SGCAPS support to do this, although on would have to put
    the formatting character versions in the base state and the ones without
    formatting characters in the SGCAPS states. But I definitely do not
    recommend that approach! :-)

    > Is what I describe as desirable the visual input
    > method? After reading about it I was not clearer.

    Most people seem okay with the little bit of flipping about of the space.
    Really good touch typists can just type and everything works out, and
    hunt-'n-peck/two-fingered typists are mostly just looking at the keyboard
    not the screen anyway. Though admittedly people may just be resigned to
    things working this way, I think its fair to say that they are accepting it
    at this point, even if it is reluctant....

    > Why don't we leave it to the text2html software to
    > enclose a group of R-letters into RLE,PDF as you
    > suggest.
    > Changing languages during typing should be my own
    > concern.
    > > ~fantasai

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