Re: [even more increasingly OT-- into Sunday morning] Re: Unicode HTML, download

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Sun Nov 21 2004 - 10:57:58 CST

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    From: "Christopher Fynn" <>
    > I'd also like to figure out a way to trigger this kind of behavior in
    > other browsers as well as in IE (using Java Script or Java rather than VB)
    > as not quite everyone uses IE - (but I guess you are not going to give me
    > any more clues on how to do that :-) )

    If only there was a portable way to determine in JavaScript that a string
    can be rendered with the existing fonts, or to enumerate the installed fonts
    and get some of their properties... we could prompt the user to install some
    fonts or change their browser settings, or we could autoadapt the CSS style
    rules, notably the list of fonts inserted in the "font-family:" or
    abbreviated "font:" CSS properties...

    There are limited controls with the CSS "@" keys that allow building
    "virtual" font names, but not enough to tune the font selections by script
    or by code point ranges. And Javascript is of little help to paliate.
    Certainly there's a need to include in a refined standard DOM for styles the
    properties needed to manage prefered font stacks associated to a virtual
    font name (for example, in a way similar to what Java2D v1.5 allows), that
    can then be referenced directly within legacy HTML <font name="virtualname">
    or in CSS "font-family: virtualname" properties (some examples of virtual
    font names are standardized in HTML: "serif", "sans-serif", "monospace";
    Java2D or AWT adds "dialog" and "dialoginput"; but other virtual names could
    be defined as well like "decorated" or "handscript" or "ocr").

    The key issue here is to create documents that refer to font families
    according to their usage rather than their exact appearance and the limited
    set of languages and scripts they support.

    Another possibility would be to create a portable but easily tunable font
    format (XML based? so that they can be created or tuned by scripting through
    DOM?) which would be a list of references to various external but actual
    fonts or glyph collections, and parameters to allows selecting in them with
    various priorities. For now this is not implemented in font technologies
    (OpenType, Graphite, ...) but within vendor-specific renderer APIs (than
    contain some rules to create such font mappings).

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