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Date: Sat Nov 27 2004 - 16:38:34 CST

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    I'm not the one that proposed encoding a AE ligature with A+ZWJ+E. I just
    spoke about cases like true typographical ligatures like "ffi". I do know
    that AE or ae in French is better encoded with their distinct unique code,
    even if French consider this letter as two letters (which may justify the
    prefered encoding as A+ZWJ+E, for which no collation tailoring is needed).

    The current practice in most French texts is to use either the two separate
    vowels A+E or a+e, or to use the separate codepoint for the ae letter or the
    AE letter (and then use tailored collation to sort the ae single letter and
    AE single letter with a+e and A+E, i.e. between a+e and a+f).

    I've never seen any French text coded with A+ZWJ+E or a+ZWJ+e...

    Same remark for the French oe and OE ligatures (which, like the ae and AE
    ligatures, are orthographic, not typographical like "ffi") that French also
    considers (i.e. collates, sorts) as two letters o+e or O+E.

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    > PS: since we have a perfectly fine AE as a character, there seems little
    > gained in attempting a ligature. My suspicion would be that fonts would
    > not provide the necessary mappings since the character code is available.

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