Re: French accented characters - observations of problems

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Wed Mar 16 2005 - 12:18:05 CST

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    On Wednesday, March 16th, 2005 13:28Z Donald Z. Osborn va escriure:
    > There have been complaints by some readers about problems in
    > rendering of French accented characters in some of the items.

    Ah! Those Frenchies ;-)

    Well, on Usenet we have a group (news:fr.usenet.8bits) that is dedicated to
    solve this kind of problems. It was set up loooong ago, but it is still not

    And no, the (remanent) discussion about the introduction of UTF-8 as an
    allowed character set on the fr.* hierarchy is *not* the most frequent
    We certainly had been allowed a revival around 1999, thanks to the sign;
    but the winner is probably the "smart quotes" that a well known word
    processor inserts as apostrophe, particularly when the text is cut&pasted.


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