RE: Unicode Support in Adobe CS2

From: Mustafa Jabbar (
Date: Tue May 03 2005 - 22:42:54 CDT

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    Dear Eric,
    Thank you very much for your reply. I also understand that your software
    runs on MacOS and Linux too and you use your proprietory way of displaying
    Unicode Characters. But you also use APIs from Windows and it might be
    easier to use Uniscribe for Wiondows.
    In my opinion Adobe can get an extra advantage ( I know they are already
    ahead of everybody in creativity) by supprting Unicode as all Adobe software
    are creativity products. Typography is a big issue in this creativity works.
    As Unicode gives the best typography for Indic languages, people will be
    definitely be going one step ahead with Adobe products with Unicode support
    for Indic languages.
    I shall request through you to the policy makers of Adobe to consider the
    issue seriously.
    As a Adobe product user and Indic Language solution provider I wish we can
    do better with Unicode with Indic Languages support.
    Thanks and regards
    Mustafa Jabbar

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    Mustafa Jabbar wrote:

    >Dear Eric,
    >As I understand Windows XP SP has a .dll which is responsible for display
    >Unicode Glyphs and Codes.
    As Chris mentionned, we use our own software for that (consider that our
    applications also run on MacOS, as well as a number of Unix platforms
    for some of them).

    > But we have found that Adobe applications only
    >displays ?,if the code is beyond 256, the glyphas are not displayed.
    This is not my experience with InDesign, Illustrator, PhotoShop, Acrobat
    (to name only those I use). May be you are using an old application such
    as PageMaker?

    >Indic languages have almost 50% of the world's polpulation.
    >Can Adobe ignore it?
    Because of our policy about product announcements, I cannot tell you
    whether future versions of specific products will support Indic scripts.
    I surely hope we will do so, but I am just a lowly engineer with little
    influence on our product decisions.


    PS: your clock is fast by about a month.

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