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From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Wed May 04 2005 - 04:10:44 CDT

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    On Friday, April 29, 2005 11:06 PM Philippe Verdy wrote:

    > Don't forget the well-known traditional name for "@" in French: "une
    > arrobace"

    Never _seen_ this one.

    I _know_ about "arrobe" or "arobe", which is indeed the traditional name of
    the thing (an unit of weight), whose counterpart is arroba in Spanish. And I
    do know quite a bit about this: here in Valencia the oranges is one of the
    most basic business, we are litterally surrounded by camps of them; and
    everybody refer to "arrobas" when it comes to measuring them; an arroba of
    oranges is about 13 kg, and it is also the content of a box. As a matter of
    facts, Patrick, the comment about it is sligthly incorrect: it is not an
    "/ancient/ Spanish weight unit", just a "Spanish weight unit." ;-)

    I have heard in France several prononciations by uneducated people. /aRobas/
    is one of them. When they try to write it, they usually use "a[r]robas" (in
    Nevertheless, this is wrong, just folkore. I have also heard "a rond"
    (rounded a), "truc", "machin" (foo, bar), or "the sign atop the 0 key",
    according to its position on the classical layout... Etc.

    Nowadays, in France the most use is "at".

    > It was also commonly named "a commercial" in the past,

    At the very least it should be " commercial".

    > Those French users that use "@" in email addresses now pronounce
    > it "at" like in English, some are resisting and use the french
    > usual preposition "" when spelling these addresses orally...).

    I can confirm that. And like the famous Gallics ;-), the ones that are
    resisting are every day less in number. I used to be one, but since I learn
    about the real traditional name I find no reason to not use it (and yes, it
    is easier for me, as I wrote above.)


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