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From: Poopathi Manickam (
Date: Sat May 07 2005 - 22:01:22 CDT

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    There is a popular saying in Tamil.. and it goes...
    "Kirandham (aka Grantha) pEcAthE." literally means: It's all Greek to

    Here is one simple example:

    There is no way.. one can write Bharat varsha (meaning India) in Tamil..
    (Bharath.. in short.. as it is pronounced in Sanskrit or Hindi (Bhaarath or

    Likewise.. one cannot.. possibley.. write the word India (as it is in
    Tamil: Indhia)
    in Sanskrit or Hindi.. because Hindi (Sanskrit ) has no equivalent for
    the Tamil letter இ.. (i or the short e)

    There are.. also.. some distortions occur for Indian names with retroflex
    as English has dental (N). Even within Devnagri.. Hindi.. Marathi... and
    the Tamil
    pronunciations differ for one symbol as GYA and NYA and so on.... ( ங..ஞ &

    In Hindi or (Dev) Nagari.. some of the symbols are kinda queer...
    for instance.. the word Sarkaar (meaning government) is practically
    written equivalent to Sarakaara.. and Murti as Muitr.. and so on....

    The word Allaah two L or Churchill (the redundant double L) (ல்/ள்/ழ்)
    in phonetic Davanagari the extra L in the word is omitted as well....

    Well.. It is very difficult to change even a single dot (puLLi) in Tamil
    since it is very unique.. unlike all other modern Indian languages....

    Poopathi S. Manickam

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