Re: Tamil Script and Tamil Grantha Script differences

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Date: Sun May 08 2005 - 12:07:20 CDT

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    Poopathi S. Manickam wrote:
    >There is a popular saying in Tamil.. and it goes...
    >"Kirandham (aka Grantha) pEcAthE." literally means: It's all Greek to

    I have not heard this one. Grantham means book,
    and Sanskrit books were/are published in Tamil Grantha
    script today and for a long time.

    >Here is one simple example:

    >There is no way.. one can write Bharat varsha (meaning India) in Tamil..
    >(Bharath.. in short.. as it is pronounced in Sanskrit or Hindi (Bhaarath or

    Tamil does not have aspirated letters. But for purposes of
    transliteration from other Indian langauges into Tamil
    there are simple ways to express letters like "bh".
    Refer to the Unicode Standard documentation, section
    on Tamil. 100s of books with numbered (either superscript
    or subscript 2,3 and 4) easily produce voiced and aspirated
    letters as in Devanaagari.

    >Likewise.. one cannot.. possibley.. write the word India (as it is in
    >Tamil: Indhia)
    >in Sanskrit or Hindi.. because Hindi (Sanskrit ) has no equivalent for
    >the Tamil letter இ.. (i or the short e)

    Devanagari has good equivalent of Tamil letter இ (i)


    N. Ganesan

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